Introduction to the Resonance Repatterning System with Ardis Ozborn 

Learn a system of alternative healing that helps you integrate your skills, experience and wisdom to support others and more….

  • Learn the principles of resonance, as well as the major energy maps of the Yogic chakra system, the 5 element system of energy , finding unmet life needs,energy constrictions and more
  • Learn muscle checking to determine resonance in a healing session
  • Learn a system of healing that accesses our natural inner knowing
  • Learn how to identify and clear unconscious patterns, negative beliefs, energy constrictions and more
  • Facilitate the perfect next step in healing for yourself or clients
  • Use this learning for your own growth, add to your skills as an energy healer or
  • Complete the basic training and apply for the Repatterning Practitioners Association Certification
  • Facilitate the extraordinary beginning with your first session!

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Discover the Power of the Resonance System – A checklist for becoming an energy healer
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The Next Training Series Begins September 6th 2016
Register by August 15th 2016
Visit the registration page at www.Ozardis.com for class dates, times and other details

Or Contact Online Coordinator Carolyn Winter
Email: carolyn@lighttravels.com | Phone 416-763-6306 (in Toronto)

“The best training to integrate your skills, experience and wisdom
 to facilitate the extraordinary for yourself and others!”

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