Who Can Learn Resonance Repatterning?

learnonlineIf you have experienced a Resonance Repatterning Session you very likely silently wondered – could I also learn to do this? I know that was one of my reactions in my first session nearly 20 years ago. It was a very basic session with a seasoned healer though new to the resonance repatterning work. I was there as a practice client and didn’t mind the awkwardness of the questioning and muscle checking. Indeed, I welcomed the long pauses as my mind raced over the morsels of each word spoken. In a laser like-way the session zoomed in on long forgotten patterns which remembered in that moment completely illuminated my current problem. I recall feeling riveted like I was in the presence of some extraordinary psychic-which she assured she was not. Statement after statement surfaced thoughts, beliefs, feelings I had totally forgotten and began re-knitting a new thought pattern. I started seeing my situation differently.

Though I can’t name any tangible results, I do remember that for days after the session I felt like I was free, more confident, had new clarity and I was optimistic. This was probably the best result as it helped me to take some next steps in my life.

A year later I took my first class in Resonance Repatterning. What astounded me the most and does to this day is the range of skills and training that students bring to this work. I met a woman whose 10-year-old daughter learned a basic version and helped her math class take in a difficult lesson by doing intentions + modalities with them as a group. You would think that someone with a social service or counselling background would be most qualified but I have met accountants or those with MBA credentials and their sessions are as healing and effective as any other.

My mother is 81 years old this summer, a retired elementary school teacher who recently took a number of the classes for her own interest. She love doing sessions for herself. For her the system brings together all the spiritual and quantum healing type books she’s read over the years into a practical way to apply what she has learned. Members of the Repatterning Practitioners Association come from a wide range of trainings and background.

What I have noticed is that the Resonance Repatterning system brings a pervasive inner wisdom that supports each practitioner at every skill level. Every session meets the client at their ideal point of healing with this practitioner at this point in time – today. The system acts like an accordion playing impromptu jazz  with sessions expanding in-depth with the data base of knowledge and wisdom of the practitioner…. but not necessarily. The standardized method of facilitating a session seems to work for every skill level delivering sessions that are often synchronistic, goes to the heart of the matter with an inner complexity that is fascinating.

Do you have the prerequisite to learn Resonance Repatterning?

Chloe Wordsworth herself has often said, that the only requirement is to be able to read and follow instructions, and have a compassionate heart.

Carolyn Winter

Resonance Repatterning Practitioner &
Online Coordinator Ozardis.com


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