Finding Purpose and Passion in Your Career – A Resonance Repatterning Recorded Aug 27

Experience a resonance repatterning session with teacher Ardis Ozborn. 

SIGN UP HERE -to ask any private post-session questions  or to  retro-intend  the intentions &/or issues you would like cleared in the repatterning – after-all like quantum physicist Fred Allen Wolfe says in his book “The Yoga of Time Travel”... the hologram IS still listening.  

Download the session notes here to follow along in the Youtube Video.

In this session we focused on bringing more passion and purpose to our career. Your submissions were used as powerful intentions to clarify our goals and release any obstacles that stand in our way. We will also looked at the Five Elements and Meridians for insight and support. The elements are within. Once we resonate with the power of wood to increase focus; fire to enhance communication and connection; earth to feel nurtured by our endeavors; metal to find value in all we do; and water to give stamina and abundance; we come into our power.

This is an opportunity to experience a full resonance repatterning session.



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