My car repatterning

Was recently asked about my Car Repatterning story. Found it! Gosh this happened in 1999! It seems like yesterday….

Yes I am a healer, at least that’s the current label I am working with and yes, for the most part I work with real people, with real problems that are looking for solutions off the beaten track.  I studied Resonance Repatterning developed by Chloe Wordsworth (when it was still called Holographic Repatterning) and was always enamoured with the near mystical results that even a novice student could invoke.  Despite the system not having a track record of scientific studies to back up the method and its results, on a personal level its always made sense to me as a practical application of ALL the self help, spiritual wisdom out there.   I am an early childhood educator by training, schooled in Piaget’s methods of developmental stages and learning about these through observation.  It’s not a stretch for me to understand how repatterning works effectively.   In using this method, my powers of intuition and “What if”…

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