Lynne McTaggart – an author Resource to Explain Why Long Distance Healing Works…

For me, one of the inspiring aspects of learning Resonance Repatterning was the discovery that it can work quite well in long distance healing sessions!  Often in live gatherings someone would invite the group to a future session focused on a topic – for example Having Abundance.  Those that could not attend would request “Please proxy me in!”   The term morphed our long distance sessions to be known as “Group Proxy Sessions”.

From the beginning (circa 1997!) I thought this was way cool and offered a long running free daily session ENERGIZE! and countless low cost group sessions by email and then the internet.  I was well into this way of offering a service when a client from the other side of the world wrote and asked “Carolyn – how do you know that the group proxy method works and WHY does it work?”  I was tongue-tied as I had never really questioned the HOW and WHY only that it DOES work.

It was 2002 and l set out to do some research on the topic only to find very little written.  What I did find was a reference to an amazing research project on the very subject of long distance healing by Elizabeth Targ.  The midway results reported online looked promising.   Her work sounded amazing and apparently was a research project still ongoing so I tried to contact her in the hope of some collaboration.  To my great sorrow I landed on her website to find a tribute page acknowledging she had just died two days earlier.   To this day I think the world has lost a brilliant mind.  However, among the tributes, was one from someone I had not heard of, author Lynne McTaggart.

You may have heard of  Lynne McTaggart  in relation to her first big publishing hit “What Doctors Don’t Tell You”.   When I discovered this author, she had just published a little known book called “The Field – The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe”.    In this book Lynne reveals the science to date that explains this type of phenomena.   In scientific circles, especially back then, the notion of scientifically investigating long distance healing was consider below standard.   Scientists who conducted this kind of research knew they were risking their careers, so much of it was done in the dusty basements of universities and under the radar.   Investigative journalist, Lynne McTaggart found scientists world wide, conducting related research, interviewed them, introduced them to each other and then explained their results in a way that you and I could understand.    In many ways it is like reading a good mystery thriller!

I walked away understanding a bit more about the quantum field and how it creates so much mystery in our everyday lives including long distance healing.     Lynne McTaggart was then featured in the 2004 feature film “What the Bleep Do We Know”   – a docudrama that brought mainstream interest and credibility to alternative healing methods.

Lynne went on to write more books that explain the scientific evidence and quantum mechanics behind various healing methods.  Her book the INTENTION EXPERIMENT again supported my unquestioning belief that long distance healing works and I was excited about how this research supports our repatterning practitioners joint efforts at doing sessions for world peace (See .  It is a book that again unearths the scientists, the research and moved Lynne to postulate her own experiment.

I see on that she has at least 2 more new books scheduled for publication in January 2016. I look forward to reading them as well.    I recommend Lynne’s books to all healers to bring an in-depth understanding of how the work you do is so extraordinary!

Find Lynne McTaggarts books on

She will also be one of 49 speakers at the Quantum University conference this Oct 5-11th 2015 speaking on the topic “Living the Field of the Matrix”.  Registration for this event is free.  Pay $50 to obtain all the recordings.


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