Marketing for Healers Starting This Fall

Starting with our fall Resonance Repatterning Training Series (September 15th) our students will be receiving a bonus level of training to launch their healing practice or new Resonance Repatterning Service.   We know one of the most difficult things for a new healer and many seasoned healers to do is put their services out there in a way that attracts ideal clients and referrals.   The online layer is a challenge for many.  Washing your hands of it by buying services to manage a website, create marketing plans or use online tools can be deceptively costly and turns out, throwing money at the issue rarely solves the problem.

A marketing strategy aligned with our values as healers and viewed more as relationship building with an audience takes much longer but provides sustainability.  Managing your own online properties and understanding how information moves toward you on the internet is key.

This fall we are excited to incorporate a few simple strategies into the seminars  to help our students become oriented to key technology and  expertly using it by the time the training is over.  It begins with our use of  the video conferencing platform to do sessions, and extends  to student assignments privately posted at this blog and more!

Our goal is that students will be able to facilitate sessions with clients by video conferencing, have a blog to create a web presence and a content strategy to develop.

I can’t wait to get started with them.

Carolyn Winter
Online Coordinator



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