Blissful “Me” Time

Learning Resonance Repatterning means blissful “me” time.  I  spend time getting better aquainted with myself and reconnecting with parts of me I forgot were there.  I go back to ‘right’ the ‘wrongs’ in my life,  finish any ‘unfinished’ business and give myself exactly what I need. I do all of this in the loving energy of  knowledgable and supportive guides and brave new friends on their own journeys of discovery. It’s bliss! My biggest learning is this:  Love and trust myself.


One comment

  1. Hi Rose – I had to smile reading your post. I tend to do a session a day for myself and realized that one of the motivations, like you, is that i get to spend time with myself understanding my day and integrating a new awareness. Thanks so much for sharing this.



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