The Power of Resonance

I have learned so many amazing things through the art of Resonance Reapatterning, however I think the one that has been most influential in my life is understanding that I have been in control of my happiness the whole time. This is such an empowering feeling. The knowledge that I can influence change, that I am in charge of my own coherence has been so eye-opening. It is amazing to me how peaceful life can be when you work on taking fear and blame out of the picture. I feel like I have been given a very special gift with this understanding. Things have shifted in such a powerful way in these few months. I cannot wait to  continue on this path of self discovery with me in the driver’s seat of my happiness.



  1. Jenny, I am smiling reading your words. You have the gift of capturing a great deal in very few words, and each point you make is a “golden nugget”.
    I look forward to hearing more from you in these pages 🙂


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