A Key Piece to My Puzzle

Learning Resonance Repatterning has been quite a journey so far. It challenged everything I have learned about healing and how we experience the world, and at the same time it fits perfectly and easily in my life.

What I most appreciate about Resonance Repatterning is how I see it EVERYWHERE! It’s not just a “drawer” in my life that I open only when I think I need it. Since the moment I wake up, to my every day conversations, the challenges I face, the movies I watch…it all seems to reference the system and this motivates me to keep on learning…there is so much to discover!

In a recent trip home to Chile I bumped into a book I read maybe 10 years ago (The Book of Secrets by Deepak Chopra) , I decided to re-read it…it felt so different this time! I kept noticing things that never realized were there in the first place! It made me think about the endless possibilities that are within our reach, we just have to make the choice to welcome more coherence in our lives.

I’ve learned that we are such powerful and intelligent beings; it has been a very empowering and yet humbling experience at the same time. We are responsible and capable to fill our lives with love and coherence…having the opportunity to learn this is a gift I will always be thankful for.


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  1. Ignacia – I agree, discovering the power or resonance and coherence together with the Resonance Repatterning system is like having your own personalized “Book of Secrets” or the manual for your life! I have been using it personally and professionally for 20 years and every day still feels like a new discovery!

    I love how you described your insights!


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