A glimpse of magic

While I was reading yesterday afternoon, something caught my eye and I glanced sideways to catch a glimpse of magic! At least that was the way it appeared to me. The wall was brightly lit from sunlight coming through the slats of my window blind, and between each slat reflected on my wall, the image was of air alive with shimmering energy. In a split second I was transfixed. As I watched the energy dancing with life, I could feel its joy. What a wonderful moment this was. A vivid reminder that masses of energy exist all around us. Yet I was also aware that only moments before I had completely forgotten this.

What a powerful reminder this was to me of some of the ways I experience resonance re-patterning. Energy vibrates, movement is life, when my energy flows, I vibrate and I become strong, full of life’s force and full of joy. Yet when I am stuck, my life force is weak and I vibrate at a lower frequency. And at that lower frequency I can lose touch with the marvel of life and be unaware of the energy residing within and all around me.

When I do things or things happen around me that interfere adversely with my natural flow, they affect my vibration and create a point of non coherence. A negative thought can start an avalanche of other negative thoughts and in no time at all I can develop a new neural pathway as deep as a furrow in a field. Now the plough will go only along one groove, so that the non coherent pattern becomes well entrenched.
By the same token though, we have the potential to create a whole new furrow that is positive and coherent.  But how do we do this when we are caught up in non coherence?

Resonance re-patterning is the way. Piece by piece, like unpicking a complex web of interconnecting links, each RR session isolates the piece to be untangled to identify the points of non coherence, before finding an energising option that will heal each of those points and put them back into coherence.

I feel as if practising RR is bringing me back to life, allowing me to free myself from the non coherent vibrations of old negative patterns, enabling me to create new pathways and to vibrate with them. I am coming back to life, to my potential, to a world full of possibilities. I am humbled by what it means to be a human being in this infinite sea of divine intelligence.

I am also eternally grateful to Chloe for her dedication to the ongoing development of resonance re-patterning. l look forward to learning the intricacies of this work and to introducing this healing approach to others. I would love us all to experience the absolute joy of life and glimpse pieces of magic wherever we go. Wouldn’t that be simply wonderful!


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