Note to Self


I Love you! You are  beautiful.  Relax.  Enjoy your life. Be confident. You are perfect as you are.  Know that you are important to your parents and that they love you. You don’t need to be jealous, because they see you.  Ask for what you need and want. You don’t ever have to sacrifice to be loved. When your sister is born, welcome her with open arms.  When you are 6 and those boys try to touch you, don’t let them. Tell them “No!!” Run home and immediately tell your Dad. He’ll take care of it. He’ll protect you.  You’re going to lose Dad unexpectedly and very suddenly when you are 13.  It’s ok.  He doesn’t suffer or know he’s leaving you. But you are going to miss him your whole life, so please savor every second you have with him.  Make sure you hug him and tell him every day that you love him and remember what it feels like to be hugged by him and loved back. Middle and Junior High School will be a test for you, but don’t let it bother you. Know yourself and be confident in who you are.  Own your power and don’t let anyone push you around.  You don’t need to be different to be special. Just be yourself.  Don’t be so hard on your mom.  She carries a lot of pain that makes her the way she is.  She tries really hard and does her best, but it’s not easy for her.  You’ll understand later.  Run from Ron!  Wait a little longer to get married.  Give yourself time to experience life. Go to Sweden with Janice. Go to Jamaica with Essie. When you are 38 you are going to have the best surprise of your life–a beautiful son who will bring you joy you never imagined. Drink that joy up and savor each and every moment. The time will pass so fast!! Above all, little girl, remember during the hard times and on those dark days, that Jehovah sees you and cares about you.  He will give you everything you need to understand yourself and to confidently live who you truly are.  You will be at peace. You will be happier than you could ever imagine. I love you, little girl and I am so proud of you!



I'm a 42 year old wife and mother of one beautiful boy. I've been a student-practitioner of Resonance Repatterning for 5 years. The personal discovery and joy that RR has brought to my life fills me with gratitude each day and gives me an enthusiasm to share with others. I am energized and inspired by the beautiful experiences of those I've been privileged to work with as they courageously work through their patterns and beliefs and become the person they truly are.


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