Add to your credentials as an alternative healer with the Repatterning Practitioner’s Association certification program.

  It is recommended that you begin the certification program soon after completing the basic training.   All of your sessions then begin to ‘count’ towards your certification requirements.    Schedule the first of 3 required observations by an RPA designated observer within a few months of starting to receive positive feedback for integration in your process.

There are 3 organizations involved in Resonance Repatterning training and certification.ozinfocertified

The Resonance Repatterning Institute (RRI)  licenses the teachers, and lists all seminars that they offer.  The institute provides a registrar function for all students.  Open an account at www.ResonanceRepatterning.net and we’ll add your class registrations to your record.

Resonance Repatterning Training with Ardis Ozborn (Ozardis.com) – Ardis Ozborn is a licensed teacher and offers the training online as well as observations, tutorials and coaching or private sessions.   She is also an RPA Designated Observer and offers post training packages to support students obtaining their RPA credential.  The first step to RPA certification is to complete the basic training program.  Enroll Here  and complete the basic training series that we offer in 4-6 months.

The Repatterning Practitioners Association (RPA)– is an independent organization that sets training and certification requirements for it’s members.  Completely voluntary it is a 501c6 Trade Association that has been in operation since 1994. Join any time as a student or associate.  To enroll in the certification program join as a Student Practitioner and start completing the certification requirements.   The process is self-paced and helps you become a skilled and confident practitioner.  While there is no set timeline you can be ready and recommended within 6 -24 months.   To find out more visit www.RPAMembers.com or the page on certification.