Curriculum Overview

The Resonance Repatterning system of healing is taught in 6 basic seminars with advanced seminars available after completion of the basic 6.  Each seminar is a pre-requisite for the next.   Your registration includes all 6 seminar books, the Mandala and the practitioner version of the Spiral up book by Chloe Wordsworth. We meet as a group of up to 8 students plus teacher Ardis Ozborn and online coordinator Carolyn Winter in the online classroom using video conferencing.   Students participate from the comfort of their home with minimal disruption to family life although everyone’s pets are especially curious!
Each class and practice session is 3.5 hours in length and provides participants with the opportunity to ask questions,  share insights, practice the process and receive feedback – all in real time.

In this Basic 5 Series you will learn the muscle checking tool and how to use the mandala and repatternings for in-depth sessions.  A practice session is arranged for all of the classes.  Our goal is that you not only learn the system but master it enough to do regular sessions for yourself and with others.  At the completion of the series you may apply for the Resonance Repatterning Association certification program.

sampleclassPlease scroll down to view a brief video introduction for each seminar by Ardis Osborn.  We also invite you to try the free class (this one IS pre-recorded) – to hear some of the theory,  view an in-depth case study and try out a short session for yourself.

Many healers throughout the world, would love to learn this system but the availability of classes and travels costs have made this prohibitive.  Our online version is a cost-effective alternative.  However, if you have questions about whether this learning environment is for you please schedule your free consultation with online coordinator, Carolyn Winter.

1. Fundamentals of Resonance Repatterning

b83d2f3873b84a219afd038217634d8bThe FUNDAMENTALS seminar provides the foundation upon which all subsequent seminars build. In the Fundamentals seminar you learn to muscle check yourself or another to identify what you resonate with. Resonance is attraction. What you resonate with is what you experience.  Learn how to identify and change the patterns that keep you and others stuck in repetitive and often painful patterns. Resonate instead with what energizes you in life. You will be introduced to four specific repatternings to transform negative perceptions and beliefs you unconsciously created in early infancy and childhood. These patterns still determine what you see or don’t see, hear or don’t hear, and how you project yourself in the world. Also learn additional modalities of sound, movements, energetic contacts, color and visualization to begin experiencing a change in your energetic field.


2. Transforming Primary Patterns

PPCover06182014TRANSFORMING PRIMARY PATTERNS is part three of the basic training in the Resonance Repatterning process. During this seminar you learn that the primary pattern that controls you and your life is your own mind. Your thoughts create your reality. Learn five repatternings for resonating with positive thinking, which in turn creates life-enhancing cascades of neurotransmitters that support a heightened sense of well-being in yourself and your relationships. You will learn additional modalities: Jin Shin Jyutsu, how to use tuning forks and color lights to move stuck energy and the Energy Constriction Release to move beyond limiting childhood beliefs.


3. Transforming Unconscious Patterns

TUPSCover06182014TRANSFORMING UNCONSCIOUS PATTERNS is the fourth seminar in the basic training. In this seminar we learn the impact of stress on the various brain areas. Six repatternings to support releasing childhood beliefs and unmet needs, identifying and releasing the fight/flight responses still being held in your body and constricted breath responses of shock.There are many new modalities including: quantum healing codes for vibrational sound healing, cranial contacts for core balance of the body/brain and powerful somatic movements to finally release the residual fight/flight responses from the body.

4. Transforming Chakra Patterns

TRANSFORMING CHAKRA PATTERNS is the fifth seminar in the series. This class introduces you to the Ayurvedic chakra system and its seven major concentrated reservoirs of energy that impact your body, your emotional responses, your thoughts and your attitude. You learn to balance energy patterns associated with each Chakra, for personal growth, improved health and relationships. 
The Chakra Repatternings support your resonance with the strengths of the seven primary chakras. Identify how chakra imbalances affect thinking and feelings and the physical body, especially the vertebrae. How shock impacts and distorts the energy of the chakras; and how to resolve and transform any disordered chakra state. Modalities introduced in this training include the Heart Entrainment for deeper intimacy and bonding, polarity energy contacts to balance each of the chakras and the fusion process to integrate new energy into the body/mind system.



5. Five Element and Meridian Patterns

TRANSFORMING FIVE ELEMENTS AND MERIDIAN PATTERNS is the sixth and final seminar in the basic series. In this seminar you are introduced to the Chinese Five element and meridian system of natural healing. This is a complex ancient system of identifying and balancing the energy field. You will learn the attributes of each acupuncture element and meridian and how to strengthen the flow of chi life energy. The six repatternings, based on this system, are designed to help release the blockages in the elements and meridians that manifest as “dis ease” in the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Modalities are introduced to strengthen each of the meridians with sound, color, oils and contacts. 


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