Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements For The Online Classroom

We believe that significant learning takes place in the live interaction among students and teacher – part of our 20+ year history of teaching resonance repatterning in local classes.  In bringing the classes online we felt this was an important aspect to preserve.  Like a regular in-person seminar, our online classes are presented in real time with the added benefit of attracting students throughout the world without the cost of travel or hotel.  Our classes are live and interactive using a video conferencing service called VSee.   We make partial audio recordings of the classes available to students for up to 30 days after the class.

Here are the technical requirements to enable your full participation in the class:

  • A stand alone computer or laptop directly plugged into the internet with an ethernet cord.   Please note that Wifi connections, tablets, and smart phones will not hold the size of this video conference.
  • A webcam is needed and the external logitech pro is widely recommended as it gives the highest quality.  An internal webcam may require the use of a headset to reduce echoing.
  • A cable or fiber optic internet connection is required with an upload and download speed of 8000kbps (call your internet company and let them know you want to participate in a large video conference call).  Regular high speed internet will result in a dropped call, frozen screen or other connection challenges.
  • Obtain the free plugin from and install it on your computer.  Add my name to your contact list ( and I can then add you into our class call-in list.

Not sure if you meet these?   Arrange a free consultation with me and we’ll assess your equipment together.  Set up an appointment with me and let me know if you have installed the plugin or if we should meet by phone.

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