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How to Facilitate The Extraordinary…

In this introductory class Ardis Ozborn covers the basic principles of the Resonance Repatterning system and shows how the system creates effective change.  A combination of theory and practical – there is an opportunity to repattern yourself as well.

  • Part 1– Introduction (12.5 Minutes)
  • Part 2 – Process to Change Negative Thoughts  (8:44)
  • Part 3 – The Power of the Unconscious Mind (8:45)
  • Part 4 – How to Create Powerful New Beginnings (10:30)

Case Study

In this 60 minute video, Ardis Ozborn demonstrates an in-depth Resonance Repatterning session on a client, with talking points for students along the way.


A Few Extras…

In our basic seminar series all of the books are included with your registration.   Some of the healing modalities taught in class and described in the SPIRAL UP OPTIONS book, are not included.    While most modalities are free and easy to obtain on your own, there are a few special tools of color, light, and sound that may be obtained at a later time.  These include the Color Filter Torch set, Color Glasses, Tuning forks etc. In the following videos Ardis demonstrates these special tools and how they are used.

Ready for A Personal Consultation?

The only thing missing from your online experience of this class is the real time interaction possible.  I would love to meet you in our online classroom for a personal consultation.  In this 20-30 minute meeting I will answer any questions you may have about the program.  We’ll also ‘look under the hood’ and determine if you have the technical requirments needed for this live interactive online class.   Don’t worry about the techy end of things.  I make it a personal goal to get all students online, comfortable and ready to use this technology with their own clients if desired!3 Easy Steps….

  1. Get the Free Plugin –  We use a video conferencing service called – VSee.  Obtain the free plugin at When asked for names for your address book add mine to your list with this email address  -Carolyn Winter
  2. bookwithcarolynSet up your VSee appointment with me.  Click here for appointment times.  If you need a day and time that is not listed,  send me a few days and times via email letting me know when we can meet (Send to
  3. Be sure to install your VSee plugin before we meet.  When I call you on VSee a video screen will pop up.  Press the green ACCEPT CALL button and we’ll instantly be meeting face to face.

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